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Journeying on Legal Psychoactives Workshop

Journeying on Legal Psychoactives Workshop

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Issue 5

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Join expert herbalist Lian Bruno online June 25, 2023 at 12pm PT to learn all about powerful plant medicines.

The realm of psychoactive plants extends far beyond the well-known classics like cannabis, shrooms, and LSD. Dozens of legal psychoactive plants have slipped under the government’s radar due to their lesser-known status, but that doesn’t mean they’re not potent tools for healing, spiritual connection, and personal growth. Kava, kratom, kanna, and blue lotus are just a few legal psychoactives. These plants—in small and large doses—may ease anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other symptoms of psychological distress. Kanna, for example, at large doses, has been compared to a natural, milder MDMA because of its euphoric qualities, while people have long worked with blue lotus in the evenings for lucid dreaming. Kava can be a potent remedy for anxiety in small doses, and, in larger doses, has been drunk at rituals and festivities in Pacific Ocean cultures for generations. It's important to recognize that the legality of substances often doesn't correlate with their potential for harm. Instead, drugs usually gain attention and face criminalization when they become widespread enough to attract government scrutiny, as illustrated by historical events like Reefer Madness and the influence of figures such as Timothy Leary. While we are advocates for ending drug prohibition, we also believe in the healing and transformative power of many overlooked plant allies currently available to us. Herbalist Lian Bruno invites you to explore this fascinating realm in this enlightening workshop, teaching us how to harness the benefits of these plants safely and effectively in our own lives.