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Foraging Workshop with Caine Barlow

Foraging Workshop with Caine Barlow

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Issue 5

DB 102: How To Grow
Mushrooms - Bigger
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Foraging can be a magical and empowering process. It’s a way to connect with your food and medicine more deeply, build a relationship with the earth, and, sometimes, simply get access to certain plants and fungi that you might have difficulty finding otherwise. With all plants, but especially mushrooms, however, it’s important to have a foundation for success. There are many toxic and edible mushrooms for example, called “lookalikes,” which can be easily confused with one another. Then, there’s how to actually pick the mushroom: how to tell if it’s ready to be picked, how to pick it properly for the people who come after you, and beyond. 

In this three-hour live workshop, mycologist Caine Barlow gives you the foundation you need for successful mushroom foraging, from the right clothing to wear, where to look, when to forage, what tools to bring, and more. He’ll take us through a presentation, complete with show-and-tell videos made specially for this workshop of him foraging in the forests of Australia and identifying a variety of different mushroom species (some of which you’re probably looking for, too!). After the workshop, you’ll receive a guide with resources for additional learning, the videos, the presentation slides, and a resource of frequently asked questions for getting started. The workshop will be recorded for all registrants. We look forward to seeing you there!