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Ketamine for Depression, Anxiety, and Beyond

Ketamine for Depression, Anxiety, and Beyond

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There are more than 100 million people around the world with treatment-resistant depression, and there hasn’t been a significant class of drugs to hit the market for depression since SSRIs in the 80s. In recent years, ketamine has been growing in popularity as a potential solution, with clinics popping up around the U.S., Canada, and beyond. In addition to ketamine for depression, people are also receiving ketamine for trauma, anxiety, and even chronic pain. But does it actually work? And if you want to try it, where should you begin?

In this workshop, Dr. Steven L. Mandel and Sam Mandel, co-founders of Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles, will cover the scientific and psychospiritual mechanisms for ketamine, how to find a trusted ketamine clinic, and how you might go about exploring if ketamine is a good fit for you.