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DB 101: How to Use Psychedelics -  FREE Mycologia Attendee

DB 101: How to Use Psychedelics - FREE Mycologia Attendee

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In this online course, learn everything you need to know to choose, navigate, and get the most out of a psychedelic experience. Whether you’ve never tripped before, only tripped a couple times with friends, or are currently processing deep plant medicine work, the journey of discovery and integration never ends. We're partnering with leading experts in the psychedelic field to help you decide which psychedelic or plant medicine is best for you, the difference between microdosing and macrodosing, how to set up your environment, whether to trip in ceremony or at-home, and how to process your trip once it's over. 

What's Included:

Video Episodes

Episodes featuring leading psychedelic researchers, integration therapists, and ceremony leaders to guide you through every step of your journey, from choosing your psychedelic to integrating your trip 

Live Access

Integration circles to get support from psychedelic integration therapists Ido Cohen and Deanna Rogers—and to connect with fellow members of the DoubleBlind community 

Trip Sitting Training

Training on the fundamentals of trip sitting others and holding space for yourself, should you choose to trip at home

Access to Safe Psychedelic Experiences

A database with legal, trusted psychedelic retreat centers and clinics vetted by DoubleBlind. Note: most of these are outside of the United States

Resources for Additional Learning and Support

Comprehensive resources for getting your questions answered, whether that's finding an ayahuasca retreat center, a ketamine clinic, or a psychedelic integration therapist

What You'll Learn:

  • A breakdown of the most common psychedelics, what conditions they’re showing promise for, and how they work in the brain
  • A dive into the difference between doing psychedelics in a ceremony, clinic, or with friends and how to find a vetted, legal psychedelic retreat
  • How to hold space for someone else, how to hold space for yourself, and setting up a container at home
  • Preparing psychologically for the trip: getting clear on your intention and cleansing your body to optimize the experience