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BONUS: Sex & Psychedelics: A workshop with Britta Love

BONUS: Sex & Psychedelics: A workshop with Britta Love

DoubleBlind Mag:
Issue 5

DB 102: How To Grow
Mushrooms - Bigger
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Sex and psychedelics can be some of the most powerful, catalyzing experiences in our lives. Separately, they hold incredible potential to alter our consciousness and bring us the healing so many of us crave. How might we incorporate our psychedelic work into our sex lives and vice versa? And what happens when psychedelics and sex are combined? Is that something you should try, alone or with partner(s)? Also, is there a conscious way to use these altered states of consciousness to foster deeper intimacy with ourselves and/ or others—and how might we do that?

In this workshop, Britta Love talks to us about how we might engage on a journey of growth and discovery, through altered states of consciousness reached through sex and psychedelics. She’ll also cover the potential of these practices to heal trauma, and provide some important insight around how we can ensure that these experiences, which can be very vulnerable, are set up to reduce the potential for harm.