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How to Trip Sit

How to Trip Sit

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Deciding to hold space for someone while they’re on a psychedelic or deciding that someone is going to hold space for you while you are on a psychedelic is a big decision. Trip sitting can be incredibly rewarding. You can help support people through finding deep healing and clarity—or simply support them through a very challenging moment. If someone is trip sitting for you, it can completely shape the experience for good or for bad, even if the person has good intentions, so it’s important to ask the right questions before the experience begins. 

Currently, we’re in a strange time in the psychedelic movement. More and more people are becoming curious about using psychedelics to heal, but, because they’re still federally illegal, it can be very hard to find someone trustworthy to trip sit. In this course, we provide people who want to trip sit and people who are looking for trip sitters with a framework for success. 

Disclaimer: This course is not intended to teach people how to be a psychedelic therapist, shaman, ceremony facilitator or any other kind of professional space holder. It is designed to ensure that people who plan to or are thinking about holding space for those they know are aware of best harm reduction practices.