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How to Microdose

How to Microdose

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In recent years, thousands of people have reported that microdosing has helped with their depression, insomnia, lack of focus, and just a general sense of despair. Microdosing has even shown promise for physical conditions such as irregular periods, lyme disease, and migraines. It's true—microdosing holds incredible promise to help you feel more energized, happy, and healthy. But if you want the results you're looking for it's important that you microdose the right way. You need to find the right dose (i.e. your sweet spot dose), right protocol, right substance, and then track your results and optimize your routine.

In this course, Adam Bramlage, microdosing coach and educator, will walk you through how to do that, step by step. Adam has worked with hundreds of clients in his private microdosing practice, from people on SSRIs with depression to people looking to change their relationship to alcohol, lose weight, and just feel better all around. And, he'll be here to support you, with three live group calls. 

BONUS! We're excited to include our most coveted 90-minute webinar with pioneering microdosing researcher Dr. James Fadiman on The Science, Limitations, and Benefits of Microdosing.