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Trip Sitting with Sara Gael | Recording

Trip Sitting with Sara Gael | Recording

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Join DoubleBlind and Sara Gael, psychedelic harm reduction officer at MAPS, for a discussion on the fundamentals of trip sitting. Get instant access to the previously recorded Webinar + extra resources. 

Trip sitting—or holding space for someone while they’re on a psychedelic—is a skill. There’s an infinite number of things that can happen to a person while they’re tripping, from fear and unprocessed trauma coming to the surface to joy, laughter, and overwhelm. And who they’re with plays an important role in shaping how the experience unfolds. A trip sitter might simply be with the person, in case they need a hand to hold or water. In other cases, facilitators choose to play a more active role, such as playing music, lighting incense, or asking questions. In this 90-minute-webinar, Sara Gael, psychedelic harm reduction officer, at MAPS will discuss the fundamentals of trip sitting. She’ll cover what to do and not do while trip sitting, how to navigate challenging situations with others while on a psychedelic, how to reduce harm, and more.

About Sara Gael, MA: Harm Reduction Officer, MAPS Zendo Project

Sara received her master’s degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology at Naropa University. She has been working with MAPS since 2013, coordinating psychedelic harm reduction services at festivals and events worldwide with the Zendo Project. She served as the Director of Harm Reduction at MAPS from 2017-2020. Sara continues to train individuals and organizations in principles of psychedelic peer support. She is also a therapist for the MAPS clinical trials of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD in Boulder. Sara has presented at conferences, universities, and events around the world. She serves on the board of directors at DanceSafe and as the Harm Reduction advocate on the city of Denver Psilocybin policy review panel. Sara believes that developing a comprehensive understanding of psychedelic medicines through research and education is essential for the health and well-being of individuals, communities, and the planet.