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Psychedelics & Men's Healing

Psychedelics & Men's Healing

DoubleBlind Mag:
Issue 5

DB 102: How To Grow
Mushrooms - Bigger
& Better Yields

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In the wake of the me too movement, men—and their loved ones—have had to reckon with how they’ve been conditioned by our society. Throughout these conversations, there’s been a lot of shaming—and not a lot of space for men to share, heal, reflect, and grow so they can be the best versions of themselves for themselves and the people in their lives. How can men embrace the masculine in a way that feels good and empowering? What does it look like to get in touch with and celebrate the masculine without neglecting to care for others’ needs? In this 75-minute webinar, Edward Deull, integration specialist and practitioner, discusses the deep work he’s been doing with men and how all people can begin to do this powerful work, too. 

*This webinar is intended for everyone in our community, including all people who identify as men and/ or are seeking to explore the masculine within themselves*