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Psychedelics and Parenting

Psychedelics and Parenting

DoubleBlind Mag:
Issue 5

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It can often feel as a parent like we don’t have the time we need for self-care. And yet, as a parent, it’s crucial that we do so so that we can show up for ourselves, our family, our communities, and our children. Psychedelics can be powerful catalysts for reconnecting us with who we are as well as realigning, grounding, de-stressing, and finding joy amidst the day to day. It can be challenging, however, to find the time and space to do a psychedelic intentionally when you’re a parent. How much time and space should you take for yourself to prepare for, have, and process your psychedelic experience? Should you trip with your partner or alone? Do you talk to your children about psychedelics and, if so, how? We discuss all this and more with the founders of Plant Parenthood Rebecca Kronman and Andrew Rose. As always, there will be time for questions from our community at the end.