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Indigenous Reciprocity

Indigenous Reciprocity

DoubleBlind Mag:
Issue 5

DB 102: How To Grow
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What is the responsibility of psychedelics to give back to Indigenous stewards of plant medicines? And what does that actually look like?

Indigenous reciprocity has become a buzzword in the psychedelic community in recent years. As the psychedelic field grows, people who work in psychedelics and people who are just passionate about them want to know how they can take Indigenous peoples who have long used these medicines into account. How can we uphold reverence for Indigenous wisdom while acknowledging the realities of our current medical system? How can a person make sure that they are responsibly taking a psychedelic, if it does have a history of Indigenous use?

We explore all this and more with Bia Labate, co-founder of the Chacruna Institute, and Joseph Mays, program director of the Indigenous Reciprocity Initiative. All the proceeds from this event will go back to the Indigenous Reciprocity Initiative, which supports Indigenous communities through nurturing ecological wellbeing, including land rights activism, bolstering food security, and strengthening economic resilience.